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i cut my hair today, the hair is going to be set to children who have cancer and need wigs. but am i proud to announce that we raised £1000! 

what do you think?

10:10am · Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 · 13 notes
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  1. irrevolution answered: AMAZING. YOU ARE AMAZING
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  3. ivegottafez answered: its bloody awesome! you guys are so amazing!!! <3
  4. random-girl-random-mind answered: You look fucking gorgeous! <3
  5. notavirginanymore answered: it looks amazing :)
  6. mywargoneby answered: Congratulations!! Your hair looks really cute short, and I’m sure all those kids are really grateful. Way to go you!! x
  7. arkhamasylumismyhome answered: £1000 is amazing Tilly, I’m just used to seeing you with long hair xD But the short hair looks good.
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